Charles J Robinson, PHD, CEO and Sales Director:
Dr. Charles Robinson is an inspiring leader and mentor to many. Charles is a television executive, corporate pastor, intercessor, conference speaker, business coach and owner, CEO, author and trainer. Additionally, as a conference convener, frequent Christian TV host and guest, radio personality, salesman, professor, husband, father and spiritual, life and executive coach to leaders in all seven mountains, Charles has the ability to bring you and your career/organization to the next level that God has for it. All within a thorough understanding of the seven mountains and your place in them. Let Charles help make your local church global in its impact through media.

Dr Joseph Nassralla, Founder, The Way TV Network

Joseph Nassralla, the Egyptian minister came to the USA in 2003. Joseph got a vision from God while he was persecuted in an Egyptian Jail. He was imprisioned because he was sharing the gospel bravely and refused to deny Christ.. The vision God gave him was to create a great platform using the media to reach a huge number of households all over the world. Joseph studied the Media Arts and the Art of theology in college. Joseph started MEDIA FOR CHRIST a nonprofit organization in 2005 in California and it became a production house. After 4 years he had enough material and experience to start the broadcast. Joseph finished college and earned a Doctorate Degree in the Art of Theology.

In 2010 he launched The Way TV a 24/7 Arabic channel to Galaxy 19 satellite and it covered America, Canada and North Mexico boasting a viewership of 12 million households. In 2011 he added more satellites and began to reach the Middle East and Europe which expanded the The Way TV to another 60 Million households. And now The Way TV covers the world through 7 satellites and 2 local channels with plans to be nationwide in America via the Dish Network.The great vision of The Cross TV, the English TV channel is growing. We are building a great platform for the real Leaders and Ministries that have heart for the end time harvest.Church on the Air, Joseph’s latest exploit broadcasts local church services to the entire globe on Sunday’s.

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