We are a team of experienced and professional media experts in satellite and local digital broadcasting that has the wisdom and practical experience in branding your local church to become a global media outreach.

What is COTA’s Vision

COTA is a platform to enable the local church to broadcast their message to all tribes, tongues and nations. That is, to enable the local church to be global in its impact.

What is COTA’s Mission

COTA exists to empower local churches with global access to their Sunday and special services.

Why Support COTA

We support you by providing quality branding and packaging of your local services on a monthly or weekly basis.  We also air your services on our best-in-class satellite and local digital networks.

7 global satellites with potential 120 million viewers

Our founder, Dr. Joseph Nassralla, had a vision in 2010 to bring a new format to Christian Television.  That is why he started The Way TV.  Dr. Joseph knew that Christian TV had become stereotyped to both Christians and Non-Christians alike.  The sometimes gaudy excesses and over-dramatic displays of some of the forerunners as well as the ongoing moral failures of leadership had made many sick and tired of the medium.  So, in 2010, Joseph set out to change all that.  The Way TV, The Cross TV and Church on the Air are common-sense, down-to-earth mediums with relevant and timely programming meant for the masses but especially for God’s church – to build the people up and to edify them. You will be proud to have your programming on our stations!
With that said, no one is immune to the attacks of the enemy.  Please pray for our leaders Joseph and Charles that God will protect them and their families and marriages and that that they will stand strong in Christ and complete the race that God has for them with honor and integrity.
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